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Pulse: The Beat Keeps Us Going
    Saturday July 7, 2012 10:30pm - 5:30am @ Main Stage
    10:30pm Strobe-Free Scince-Fiction/Geek Dance: O2 and noise present a collection of sci-fi and geek dance music to shake your nerdy booty to. Come dance and sing along. 12:00 Spider always pleases with her commanding presence on the dance floor. Yes, she's really that tall! Come experience her costumed self as she serves up a hot dish of house, electro, dubstep covers, mash-ups, and other things she likes. 01:00 Fenris turns up the energy with a heavy helping of hardstyle dance tracks and viscious beats. Be sure to bring extra water. 02:00 Starfive sneaks away from her dutiful post in Splounge to share with us her fantastic sense of dance electro and heavy remix tracks. Always a favorite, we're happy to have her back.


    Type Event, Dance, DJ
    Tags Music

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