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Adam J. Whitlatch

Adam J. Whitlatch is a speculative fiction writer, freelance editor, and aspiring
musician. A fantasy enthusiast from a young age, his interest in science fiction
was first sparked at the age of ten when his father played the infamous 1938 Orson
Welles War of the Worlds radio broadcast for him on Halloween, a tradition Adam
carries on to this day. From 2012 to 2015, Adam worked as an associate editor with
KHP Publishers, Inc, managing their science fiction imprint Retro Rocket Press.
His published novels include The Weller, Birthright – Book I of the Temujin Saga,
and the official novelization to t... Read more

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Amaya G

I love clicking the attend button, but more than often end up not going to any panels, save for one or two. I can be found attending Re:Death every year (as part of the right-hand-side front row weirdos), occasionally passing by the Sandbox, and co-hosting Ochaya. I'm a ringer, comics dork, and post-weeb-weeb. I really like fish. Sometimes I dress up, I prefer to text, and I almost always go barefoot. Year: 13

Come find me this year as Kyuuta (Bakemono no Ko/Boy and the Beast) and trade me for a ribbon! (Raw eggs not permitted.)

We're back with the Ochaya for our seventh year! Come joi... Read more

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Amy Williams-Scott

I am a nationally certified massage therapist, a fire spinner, a truly sensual being, and Steampunk enthusiast. I am passionate about touch and feel that it has been over-sexualized in this country.

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Angie Anderson

Also known as Angie, Angelique, Gleckia and also Bast and Brina's Mom.

I am one of four Co-Heads for Connie's Quantum Sandbox.

Mother of two adults.

Wife of one husband.

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Ben Ellis

Rufus T. Firefly: I'll see my lawyer about this as soon as he graduates from law school.

My name is Ben Ellis i am in my late 20s and am looking to catch up with friends new and old and to share some of my interests with people.

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Bill Willingham

Bill Willingham has been writing, and occasionally drawing, funnybooks for 20 years now. He’s also recently taken up writing prose fiction as well. He is best known for creating the following comic book series: Elementals; Ironwood; Coventry; Pantheon; Proposition Player; and currently, Fables

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Bradford C. Walker

Currently a graduate student in the Master of Liberal Studies program at Metropolitan State University. Seeking to find a way to destroy the very idea of Empire--the Eddorian Principle--so that Man never again succumbs to the most pervasive of evils that keeps holding us all back.

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Brian Salisbury

I've been a film critic and online content creator for over five years now. I'm a hopeless academic of genre and exploitation films. Appeared on CONvergence's Mega Panel 2012 as Rorschach. Last year, I launched my own website, OneOfUs.Net, which seeks to unite geeks of all passions under one flag. I also cohost Junkfood Cinema at FilmSchoolRejects with CONvergence alum C. Robert Cargill. Buy me a beer, reference an obscure horror flick, and let me talk your ear off!

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Briana Falb-Joslin

Video Game broadcasting is fun!

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Bryon Stump

I am a high school chemistry teacher. My interests are comics, animation, classic horror, and egyptology.

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Catherine Lundoff

Award winning writer and editor. Geek.

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Cetius d'Raven

Co-Host of Xtreme Tasting League: Scotch, Chairman of the Board of Directors for Fearless Comedy Productions, ASP/web developer, general sci-fi/fantasy fanboy

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Chris McWethy

Former videographer and member of ITVA/NAB, and audio engineer. Currently managing two diverse career paths; one in the technology field as an SME/Test Specialist for Best Buy Co Inc, and the other as an Instructor in the art of Eskrima. I have a humble shop where I build what I need, when I need it, or perform repairs of whatever is necessary around the house. In the past I've built medieval armor and weaponry, but now spend more time building training tools and sparring equipment for my classes.

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Chris Wilkes

VP, Hearst App Lab
Hearst Magazines
Chris Wilkes is the vice president, App Lab for Hearst Magazines, leading their next generation digital efforts with an emphasis on paid content and tablet computing. Chris and his team have delivered over 100 apps and digital magazines and are responsible for leading continued expansion in this key area.

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Christin 'LeXi' Davies

Communications Director for Convergence Events

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Christopher Jones

One of the founding directors of CONvergence, now serving as Chief Creative Officer. Creator of Connie, Connie Mark II, Professor Max and other mascot characters. Professional comic book artist, working for publishers including DC (The Batman Strikes, Young Justice), Marvel (Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes), Dork Storm Press (Dr. Blink, Superhero Shrink), and now FutureDude (Parallel Man). Also somewhat infamous for my Doctor Who fan art.

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CJ Mantel

Long time geek. Longer time crafter. Frequently found in Connie's Quantum Sandbox.

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Corvus Elrod

Semionaut and Play Designer. Co-founder of Zakelro!, a two-person, one-poodle creative studio in Portland, OR. Designer of Bhaloidam, a tabletop storytelling platform that uses simple rules, colorful tokens, and personal game boards to track your influence upon the storyworld.

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Dami Sheridan

Graphic Novels and Writing for Fringe Theater. Radio Drama. The International Cartoonist Conspiracy. The Minneapolis Cartoonist League. Storytelling No Matter the Media as Writer or Artist. Oh, and Icelandic Skaldic Sagas.

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Dan Wallace

New York Times-bestselling writer of two dozen books including Star Wars: The Essential Atlas, The Marvel Encyclopedia, The Art of Superman Returns, the DC Comics Encyclopedia, and The Jedi Path.

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Dana M Baird

I am an author and visual artist from St. Paul, Minnesota. Check out my website to see my artwork or learn more about my YA Fantasy novels: the Spell Keeper Series.

Become a fan:

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David E Romm

Science Fiction (vs. Fantasy), Photography (thousands of pictures up on the net, including many of Convergences), Radio, Philosophy, Word Origins and various other random tidbits that may come up. Humor and politics, especially where they overlap.

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David Lenander

Active for 40 years with the local monthly Fantasy "Rivendell" discussion group, of The Mythopoeic Society, and with the national Society; also in the Children's Fantasy SIG and spa, Once Upon a Time, the local North Country Gaylaxians, the Second Foundation SF discussion group, written some papers, reviews, articles and poetry for various publications and conferences, did a season of interviews with Fantasy writers for TV Bookshelf, a local cable access show (now online), participant for many years in the Mythopoeic Fantasy and Scholarship Awards process, often serving on all four committees... Read more

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Dayna Jean Wolter

Dayna Jean has been a performing and professional Creative for over 30+ years, as well as a student and practitioner of Chanty-Whoo-Ha for even longer.In 2011 she was blessed to complete her Sonic Healing training in Seattle WA with renown channel,healer, and acoustic science pioneer, Tom Kenyon.Aside from being a founding member of many performance groups of various genres over the decades, such as the wyld women's chorus The Idisi (2009-2013), Dayna Jean also teaches women to sword-fight as a healing modality through her company, Kamp Athena.She looks forward to sharing the joy of empowering... Read more

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Devin Harnois

I make things up and write them down. I also play way too much Dragon Age.

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Don Kaiser

I've been a fan for about 30 years. Currently I'm the convention chair for Gaylaxicon 2012 (National GLBT SF&F convention). Interests include board games, role playing (live), morris dancing and reading.

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Douglas Hulick

Douglas Hulick is the author of "Among Thieves", the first in the "Tales of the Kin" series. He is also a practitioner and teacher of historical Renaissance rapier combat.

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